Halfling Rogue - Badass


A halfling lounges in the corner of the Tavern, veiled in shadow. You probably would not have noticed him but for the glow of the embers emanating from his pipe. As the glow chases the light away from the halfling’s hooded face, you can’t help but think that he is watching you … and everyone else in the room. The thought occurs to you to check your coat pocket to be sure that your coin purse is still there. Not taking any chances, you button your jacket and adjust your bar stool to keep a more watchful eye on the eerie imp.

Pi sits in the corner and assesses the patrons in the tavern. “Suckers, one and all.” Recruited by a thieves guild at a young age, he is well versed in the arts of theft and burglary. Pi’s ability to pick pockets, cut purses and burgle rival those of any thief in town; however, his real passion is an art requiring an even higher degree of subtlety and deception … the con. There is nothing better than looking someone in the eye and convincing them that they have a chance. “One more piece of gold for a chance to win big.” The patron picks the game: dice, cards, shell game, it makes no difference … the house always wins and the loser skulks home with empty pockets.

Sure, this line of work comes with risk … the greatest being a slit throat or a swift lynching in the streets. Fortunately for Pi, his small frame, quick wit and quicker reflexes get him out of any bind he manages to find himself in … so far.


Pi never met his parents. He grew up on the streets with the other orphans of the city. Over time, he founded the “sewer rat squad,” a group of orphans who worked together to rip off local merchants and tourists. At age 11, Pi’s reputation had earned him notice from the local thieves guild, who recruited him and reaped the benefit of Pi’s sly mind and nimble fingers. Eventually, his reputation became so great that the guild leader, worried that Pi was his next replacement, sent an assassin to murder Pi in his sleep. Unfortunately for the assassin, his expertise with a blade was of little use when he failed to notice the snare waiting just below the window. Pi left the assassin hanging upside down and gagged, but still alive … at least until his betrayers cut the rope and set off the next “surprise.”

Pi took the attempt on his life as an opportunity to escape the confines of guild life and go into “solo practice.” Since then, he has traveled around various towns, keeping his pockets full of coin, graciously provided by the locals, but never turning down a chance to make an “honest living” should the right opportunity present itself.


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